MONTAGE™ Search and Analytics

MONTAGE Search and Analytics is an intuitive radiology data mining and analytics solution that enables department heads, radiologists, researchers, and educators to more efficiently deliver a higher quality clinical service. Our novel search-driven approach leverages proprietary natural language processing (NLP) to extract and visualize business and clinical understanding using information in an organization’s radiology information system (RIS) and electronic medical record (EMR). Search is the underlying mechanism for uncovering clinical findings whether from radiology only or across radiology and pathology. Business performance and clinical quality analytics enable levels of understanding, not previously available, because of the detailed and actionable information that is provided and the interactive manner in which it can be viewed.

Your Imaging 3.0 Toolkit


  • Enhance clinical decision making and report quality
  • Manage improvements to department productivity and clinical quality
  • Enhance quality manager’s ability to identify and understand complex issues without digging through paper files
  • Free IT staff resources by empowering clinical and business users to customize, refine, and execute their own queries