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Enterprise Search

Quickly unlock valuable information from clinical reports!

In the past, we could wait weeks for a customized query to be created by a database administrator. Now MONTAGE’s intuitive search delivers everything to our desktops in a matter of seconds. Dr. Terry Matalon, Chair, Department of Radiology, Albert Einstein Medical Center
I’m just blown away by MONTAGE. The genius of this technology will be transformative for radiology. Dr. Robert Ward, Chief, Musculoskeletal Imaging and Intervention, Tufts Medical Center
What I really enjoy about MONTAGE is it’s kind of like Google. If you have a question, it can give you an answer. Dr. Allen Rovner, Associate Professor of Radiology, Aultman Hospital
Montage Search
Montage Analytics

Business Analytics

Identify productivity and customer service improvement opportunities.

Having a product like MONTAGE gives a tremendous competitive advantage over those that do not, and will be requisite now, not in the future, to succeed in healthcare. Dr. Samir Patel, Value Management Program Director, Elkhart General Hospital
MONTAGE gets it. They understand that the world doesn’t begin and end with retrospective scorecards or dashboards: they have a platform and perspective that will allow us to leapfrog into truly workflow integrated business intelligence. Dr. Paul J Chang, Professor and Vice-Chairman, Radiology Informatics, University of Chicago School of Medicine
Information is power… eight days later, we had a 31% increase in productivity. Dr. Patrick Browning, Chief of Imaging Emeritus, Sutter Health Sacramento
In a short period of time, MONTAGE’s business analytics tools have allowed us to improve workflow among our radiologists and reduce errors in reporting. For radiologists to succeed in our continually changing marketplace, the need for realtime data has never been more important and Montage provides us with the information we need. Dr. David Miller, Neuroradiologist, South Jersey Radiology Associates

Quality Analytics

Reduce reporting errors that impact quality of care.

We reduced length of stay by 3 days… and it keeps dropping every quarter we measure it. Dr. Syed Zaidi, President & CEO, Radiology Associates of Canton
Before we launched our critical results dashboard, our staff spent hours each month manually reviewing thousands of radiology reports. Now we measure compliance at a glance and detect problems instantly. Dr. Curtis P. Langlotz, Professor of Radiology and Biomedical Informatics, Stanford University School of Medicine

Montage QC

Montage RP

RadPath Correlation

Improve clinical confidence and understanding by searching multiple databases.

Automated radiology-pathology follow-up is a critical component for improved quality and patient care.Dr. Paul J Chang, Professor and Vice-Chairman, Radiology Informatics, University of Chicago School of Medicine

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